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Ameri-Pest's Termite Protection

Complimentary Termite Inspection
by a Certified Termite Expert.
Inside Home
Outside Home
Crawl Spaces

Termite Prevention Anlyzation.
Past Treatments
Current Chemical Residual and Current Bond

Peace of Mind Termite Protection
Ameri-Pest's Customized
Treatment done by a Certified Technician using only Termidor
(Less than 1% failure rate)


"Best in Industry" Termite Repair Guarantee

$1,000,000.00 Coverage
No Deductible
Covers "All" Termites equally.
Why do you need termite Prevention and protection?
Termites cause over a billion dollars in damages each year in the state of Florida alone.
80% of the homes in Florida are block or concrete, still we have over a billion dollars of damage each year.
Termites enter your homes through settling cracks at the foundation. They can fit through a crack the width of a piece of paper.
Termites are rarely seen before structural damage is already done.
The average repair for termite damage is $4,000.00.
Prevention is the key!

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